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About us

Digiplanet Solutions is a digital solutions company focused on unique and timely service delivery. We provide digital solutions to small, medium and large organizations who continuously need to improve their workforce, brand, work processes and also want to save time and money in the process.

What we do

We offer web solutions for desktop, tablet and mobile devices to guarantee business success. Branding and multimedia solutions to help businesses position their brand to attract their target market. Learning solutions to train teams for higher productivity.

Our Process

Our process is quite simple; We study your problem and proffer solutions, create demos to help you understand the features of the solution and train your team to use the solutions effectively to help you achieve your desired goal.


Successful delivery of projects is our thing. For every project, a timeline is set and we go the extra mile to achieve results within the giving time frame as we continuously aim to deliver on our promise. Improved Speed, efficiency, timeliness and project success is what we strive for daily.


According to Steve Jobs, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” We aim to continuously lead in our industry and this is why we continue to innovate new solutions to help our customers remain leaders in their industry. As the saying goes “innovate or die” so we continue providing innovative solutions to help you achieve more.


We offer unparalleled customer support for our clients. We build solutions for you that integrate with your in house solutions and support you all the way to help you serve your customers better. Your success is our success so we never compromise on this.